Identity Management Solutions

Mentalix provides complete identity management solutions which support maximum re-use of your fingerprint or palm print data.  Our FBI-certified products enable multiple methods of capturing and utilizing fingerprints -- including live scanning, card scanning, card printing, mobile ID, and fingerprint-based identity checks.  We also offer secure card conversion services to convert your old fingerprint cards to electronic format.

Mentalix’s Fed Submit solutions can be used to submit either criminal or applicant fingerprint transactions electronically to common clearinghouses such as OPM, state law enforcement agencies, and LexisNexis.  Fed Submit also includes no-charge integration with most AFIS and RMS/JMS programs, reducing the need to re-enter demographic data.  In addition, Mentalix offers card conversion services to customers who need to convert large volumes of fingerprint or palm print cards to NIST format.  We also provide multiple SDKs for developers and systems integrators who want to add fingerprint or NIST-related capabilities to their custom solutions.

Mentalix Newsline Updates

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Mentalix’s Fed Submit Live Scan Fingerprint Systems Now Support JABS and CAS National Databases

PLANO, Texas -- Mentalix ( announces that the company’s Fed Submit™ live scan and card scan fingerprint systems now support the Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) and Civilian Applicant System (CAS) national databases. This added functionality allows authorized Fed Submit users to conduct automated booking procedures with the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) repository of arrest data in order to verify identity and arrest history when fingerprinting a suspect or checking an applicant’s criminal background prior to employment.

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